January 2020 - Prime Technological Services Announces Acquisition of Teligent EMS

November 2019 - The Reliability Equation: Secondary Processes That Help Ensure More Robust Product

October 2019 – The Test Equation: Developing the Best Strategy for Your Project

December 2017 – TEMSTalk

October 2017 – Navigating Supply Chain Disruption: One EMS Provider’s Approach

September 2017 - TEMSTalk
This issue discusses ways our business continuity plan helped in preparation for Hurricane Irma, improvements we are making to our manufacturing area and how our Possible X 2.0 system helps our purchasing team mitigate the impact of lengthening component lead-times.

June 2017 - TEMSTalk
This issue discusses our recent systems upgrade to Possible-X 2.0, our successful completion of ISO audits, the ways our training programs are creating transformative jobs and five areas to watch in mitigating RF defects.

May 2015 – Enhancing Recruitment Efforts with Public-Private Partnerships

March 2017 – TEMSTalk
This issue discusses an upgrade to our x-ray capability, additions to our engineering team and five areas to evaluate in choosing a legacy product supplier.

February 2017 - Choosing a Legacy Product Supplier: Five Areas to Evaluate

April 2016 - Working Smarter Through a Proprietary Systems Strategy

January 2016 – Digital Distinction